The secret for the road to the success of a new brand? Starting on the right foot. We asked some experts from the fashion world to help us define the fundamental steps to create the foundations of a successful future for a young brand

1 – Choose the right moment in your career. It can happen otherwise, but it often comes after experiences in other fashion houses: few are ready for the big leap immediately after graduation

How does a designer understand that he is ready to start his own business? Roberto d’Incau, headhunter and coach, Lang & Partners : “Creativity is a necessary but not sufficient condition: when a designer is really clear that he must also know how to move well in the business world, preferably with a managerial or entrepreneurial partner, only then is ready to take the leap. Furthermore, before starting your own business you need to have a clear and shared business plan based on concrete elements. In my opinion, finishing your studies and starting your own business immediately is wrong: it is much better to understand, from within a maison, how a company works, from a creative and business point of view, and then think about your own project, involving the right partners “.

2 – Check that you have the right mood… and look for the missing characteristics in the team. A solo career is not easy: it is essential to prepare for the inevitable difficulties in a competitive world like that of fashion. And create a close-knit team around your nascent project.

What are the psychological characteristics necessary for a designer attempting a solo career? Roberto d’Incau, headhunter and coach, Lang & Partners: “A designer who decides to open his own brand must believe in himself, not fall in the face of first difficulties, know how to manage relationships well, be creative and entrepreneurial at the same time. It is not easy to have all these qualities: for this reason it is important to have a good team alongside, even if small ”.

3 – Prepare legal protection for your brand and your creativity Impossible to deny it: protecting your brand is essential, from the very beginning. As the lawyer explains, if the trademark is correctly registered immediately and the contracts with suppliers and collaborators are clear and legally valid from the beginning, even more expensive problems are avoided in the future .