How to create a brand: the difference between brand and logo
Before seeing better what are the basic steps to create a brand, let’s clarify the words. A little while ago I used the word ” brand “. In this increasingly globalized world, the use of Anglo-Saxon terminologies is now commonplace.

Brand is nothing more than the English translation of a trademark. Instead, we must pay attention to the difference between brand and logo . The latter is trivially the graphic representation used in reference to a product, a service, or even to something that has nothing to do with the corporate world, such as a musical group.

It usually consists of a symbol , accompanied in the case by a precise lettering. Instead, to create a brand we will be obliged to take into consideration a whole series of variables and, at the end of this particular process, the creation of a logo will also be included.

To better understand this concept, let’s start immediately to see how to create a brand and what are the steps necessary for its realization.

So give me a few minutes of your time, and read this short guide in one breath.

Find your niche
Often among the business proposals narrated on our site, we have identified the first fundamental element for starting a business, the search for one’s own market niche . The same procedure must be applied when thinking about how to create a brand.

They took their cue from American-style market research: through a series of questionnaires they tried to understand what consumers’ needs were.

Advertising radically changed perspective: it was no longer a question of creating a need, but of understanding what those already existed and how to satisfy them.

We should implement more or less the same mechanism, but nowadays we are fortunate to have tools that will facilitate us in this action. One above all is without doubt the network .